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  • Four high tensile strength wires are anchored in an aluminum base and covered with heat shrunk rubber to give a firm hold on the flight.

  • 2baLength - 1 7/8" 

  • Designed to maximize your score, minimize deflection of following darts, improve accuracy by allowing the flight to rotate away from the dart's path. These shafts work with any size or shape of standard flights. 2BA 3/16" medium Aluminum shaft with aluminum tip

  • Size: Small Color:SmokeyHarrows new Flight / Shaft System is revolutionary. The shaft is designed to insert into the flight and allow for a full and Free rotation. Harrows shafts only work with Harrows Clic flights

  • Size: Medium - 330    Color: Black The L-Style Carbon shaft is constructed purely out of an ultra-durable dry carbon fiber creating an ultra light feel while maintaining strength. Rings are not necessary. L-Style champagne rings can be paired to allow a more durable hold.AVAILBLE IN SHORT MEDIUM AND LONG

  • Size: Medium Color: Silver GreyGraphite = Super strong - Super light A revolutionary industry first. Ultra light and ultra strong graphite rod gives a unique front loaded balance to any dart. The anodised linker and top create aerodynamic perfection.

Showing 1 - 6 of 13 items